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2021-11-24 01:57:19 By : Mr. Henry Chen

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Although it feels like an endless winter for most of the past few months, with heavy snow covering the ground, we are actually closer to Easter than Christmas, which means that chicks and ducklings will hatch soon .

Although both birds have similar care requirements, ducklings have some needs and development specific to them. Before you bring one or more ducklings home this spring, please pay attention to the care requirements for your flock to thrive.

The ducklings are left in the incubator until they are completely dry and actively move around. After that, it was sent to the brood box.

The brooder is a heating box that provides one square foot of floor space for each duckling in it. You can follow the tips below to meet all your duckling needs:

At about three weeks old, your duckling will weigh about 3 pounds and is ready to move from the brooder to a fence with more space and a floor temperature of 75F. Once they have grown to 4 weeks of age and have grown most of their adult feathers, they can be released into the grass during the day as long as the temperature is moderate.

If you are worried that your duck is going far away, you can train them to come when they are called by using the duck's call and scatter grains or juicy vegetables when they respond. This will also help lure them into their pens at night.

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